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We number love hard core cushla in conscious order, pull strings & flux at humanity's fete; name divinity Kathleen the terrible pleaser who'll advance and retreat as you tease out life's music. Spirit moments from love let her alphabet rattle it's answer an ear cocked to what art here will hear - island queen of memory.

Monday, March 27, 2006


The constant rolling dice that never fall
stack up the chips of our existence

and some days we’re so lucky
- the search seeming easy with reward
and blessings in abundance -
we forget the golden rule

that everything’s decided
in between the heartbeat of the moment.

That reality’s one long gamble
with final odds fixed
by divine order of old gods

and seizing for knowledge
we can never fully grasp
yields an understanding
like those clocks ticking
in the heavens
yield an understanding
of when the time is right
to wake us
for a brief spell
by their measured call
before dissolving
as if by magic
in the blinking of an eye
the constant rolling dice that never fall


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